Microsoft 365 Word Basics

Update Windows 7 to 8.1 Differences document

2.5 Hours     Objectives:

  1. Review mouse controls and special keyboard keys

  2. Learn Word Panel layout

  3. Loading and saving documents

  4. Selecting text and moving around document

  5. Copy/Cut and pasting text

  6. Insert a picture

  7. Formatting paragraphs

  8. Changing font, size, bold and underline

  9. Adding text to the document

  10. Add header to document with date

  11. Spelling and grammar check

  12. Printing document with Header

Create movie announcement flyer

2.5 Hours     Objectives:

  1. Add page borders

  2. Import and position pictures

  3. Create Text Boxes

  4. Format and align paragraphs

  5. Create bullet lists

  6. Create hyperlinks

  7. Add page footer

  8. Create tables of data

  9. Insert special symbols

  10. Save document as Word and PDF (Adobe Portable Document File)

  11. Print document

Microsoft 365 Word Intermediate

Computer Basics I

Computer Basics II

4 Sessions 2.5 Hours Each

  1. Computer hardware and mouse usage: Review computer hardware components, turning computer on/off, review mouse functions, perform mouse exercise.


   2.  Keyboard functions and Windows:  Review unique keyboard functions

         and perform typing exercise.  Review Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.  Define

         libraries, folders and files.  


    3. Overview Internet, Browsers, Search:  Objectives: Review Internet

         Explorer (Edge), Chrome, and Firefox browsers, review Ask, Bing,

         DuckDuckGo, Google, Yahoo search engines, perform efficient

         searches, review several web sites


   4.   E-mail overview using Google gmail:  Create a account,

          open and reply to emails, attach pictures and other documents to


4 Sessions 2.5 Hours each

  1. Microsoft Word Basics:  Word menu structure, loading & saving documents, highlighting text, copy/cut & paste, formatting paragraphs, insert pictures, spelling & grammar checks, printing with header


   2. Microsoft Excel Basics:  Excel menu structure, typing formulas, 

        loading & saving spreadsheets, copy/cut & paste, formatting cells, 

        using AUTOSUM, sorting, keyboard shortcuts, printing with header


   3. Storage Management:  Use the File Explorer utility to create and

        populate Libraries, Folders and Files.  Learn how to organize your

        data on storage devices, copy, rename and delete files.


   4.Windows 10:  Review the many capabilities of Windows 10 such as the

       Start Menu, Cortana digital assistant, revised Edge web browser,

       download programs and manage essential settings.

Microsoft 365 Word Advanced

Microsoft 365 Excel Basics

Mail Merge, Templates, Track Changes & Macros

2.5 Hours     Objectives:

  1. Defining and using Mail Merge

  2. Creating and using an online forms template (.dotx Word file)

  3. Using an article publishing template with Table of Contents and bibliography

  4. Track changes and comments in a document

  5. Optional: Record and Execute a macro with Word

Update Candle Order Workbook

2.5 Hours     Objectives:

  1. Learn Excel workbook layout

  2. Understand Excel menus and tool bars

  3. Loading and saving workbooks

  4. Positioning cursor and highlighting ranges of cells

  5. Using Autosum and entering formulas

  6. Copy and pasting formulas and text

  7. Formatting columns and text

  8. Sorting workbook data

  9. Inserting cell comments

  10. Printing workbook with Header

Microsoft 365 Excel Intermediate

Microsoft 365 Excel Advanced

Manipulate Sales Order Workbook

2.5 Hours     Objectives:

  1. Prerequisite review questions

  2. Start Excel and import text file with over 900 rows of data into Excel

  3. Review contents of imported data

  4. Clean up and freeze headers

  5. Sort data by Sales Person and Date Sold

  6. Use =COUNTIF function to determine number of items sold in each Region

  7. Calculate Total Sales Commission using =VLOOKUP

  8. Create Total Sales and Total Commissions Subtotals by Sales Person

  9. Add filters to answer business questions

  10. Encrypt and Assign workbook password

  11. Do Save As, close workbook and stop Excel

  12. Open workbook with password

  13. Creating Bar Chart of Total Sales for each Sales Person

  14. Use Goal Seek Tool to determine Bonus amounts

  15. Define print area, define print header and print

Appendix: Common Shortcuts

Microsoft 365 Excel Macros

Use Pivot Tables/Charts with Sales Order Workbook

2.5 Hours     Objectives:

  1. Overall objective: Create management Dashboard presentation of sales data

  2. What is a Pivot Table?

  3. Open Sales Order 2015-2016 workbook in Excel 

  4. Review contents of Excel workbook

  5. Create Table of data 

  6. Create Pivot Table, review Filters, Columns, Rows and Values fields display

  7. Create (5) Pivot Charts for Dashboard presentation

  8. Create Dashboard worksheet

  9. Add Slicer for the Year

  10. Print Dashboard worksheet

Microsoft 365 PowerPoint Intermediate

Microsoft 365 Excel Formulas & Functions

PowerPoint Functionality Presentation

2.5 Hours     Objectives:

1. How to insert the following items into your presentations:

  1. Animation and text boxes

  2. Audios

  3. Charts

  4. Equations

  5. External Hyperlinks

  6. Images and pictures

  7. Shapes

  8. SmartArt

  9. Tables

  10. Transitions and Screenshots

  11. Videos

  12. Word Art

2. Last checks before presenting

3. Using Presenter View

4. Printing Options

5. Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft 365 PowerPoint Basics

Microsoft Windows 10 Overview

Windows 10 Overview

2.5 Hours

  1.     The Windows 10 Operating System

  2.     Lock screen, Log-in screen

  3.     Windows Settings Menu, Control Panel and GodMode

  4.     Windows 10 Desktop and Jump Lists

  5.      “Hey Cortana”

  6.      Review of the Windows 10 Start screen

  7.      Ctrl + Alt + Del key sequence

  8.      Libraries / Folders / Files storage hierarchy and File Explorer

  9.      Managing multiple windows – Task View  and Virtual Desktops

  10. Microsoft Edge

  11. Microsoft OneDrive (Cloud Storage)

  12. Microsoft Windows Defender (Security)

  13. Keyboard shortcuts

Creating and Using Excel Macros

2.5 Hours

a.  What is a macro?

b.  VBA terminology

c.  Defining lower- or upper-case letters to invoke a macro

d.  Record and run Absolute macro to total North and South Sales

e.  Record and run Relative macro to total North and South Sales

f.  Save As workbook containing macros with .xlsm file extension

g.   Define button to invoke sort of sales amount in descending order

h.  Record and run Absolute macro to sort North sales amounts

i.  Assign sort macro to button for Sort_by_Sales test   

j.   Copy and edit VBA macro code to sort South sales amounts